Become a Member

Lock arms with us and call this church your home.

If you have been attending our church online or in-person and consider this place your home, the next step is to become a member.

Being part of a local church is the best way to grow as a follower of Jesus. Membership is about partnering together and saying “yes” to locking arms with a church.

Our Membership Class welcomes questions about our church, about our denomination (VineyardUSA) and about the life of the Christian experience overall. The pastors teaching it will describe key markers of the spiritual journey — starting with the conscious decision to turn one’s life over to Jesus, and the foundational practices which produce a life of justice, mercy and humility.

Membership Classes generally run every couple months from 10:45 – 11:15 AM (between our two services) in the Traction Room. Check our ‘Events’ page for the next Membership Class.

GROW Groups

Our Grow groups focus on various aspects of growing relationally with God and others; if you want to get more plugged into what God has for you, check out a Grow or Go group! 

Putting your faith in Jesus

We believe that following the ways of Jesus is the most fulfilling and impactful way to live. If you haven’t taken the step of putting your faith in Jesus, we’d love to help you do that.