Spiritual Direction

More about spiritual direction.

“The farther the outward journey takes you, the deeper the inward journey must be. Only when your roots are deep can your fruits be abundant.”
— Henri Nouwen

What is Spiritual Direction?  It’s a long-standing ministry within the wider Christian church to accompany people in their spiritual journey, helping them explore matters of the soul, faith and God.

Ways a Spiritual Director can help you:

• Notice Gods movement in day-to-day events and in prayer.

• Weigh important decisions or changes.

• Discover Gods purpose and calling on your life.

• Interpret and deepen your experience of God.

• Integrate spirituality and practices into your daily life.

• Share joys, fears, desires and struggles in a safe environment.

• Spiritually heal from past wounds and hurts.

• Receive encouragement, guidance and companionship.

• Get spiritually unstuck.

• Become more of who you were designed to be.

Make an appointment with one of our Spiritual Directors:

Marina Carter is certified Spiritual Director, who graduated from the  two-year program at Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction in May 2022.  She is available for Spiritual Direction in English and/or Spanish. Marina was born in El Salvador and immigrated to New York at the age of eight. She went on to graduate with an engineering degree from Columbia University at twenty-three, and then years later with a Masters in Mathematics Education. She has been working at The Experience Vineyard Church in Long Island for the last nine years. Her calling is to accompany others on their journey to become who they were created to be by intentionally becoming available to Gods presence and love. Marina has been married to her best friend, Lawrence, for the past 37 years and has raised two daughters.

Please fill out the in-take form to the left and Marina will get its touch with you. Or you can contact her directly: marina.spiritual.direction@gmail.com; 516-884-8718.

Sami Shaker is a certified Spiritual Director, who graduated from the two-year program at Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction in May 2022. He found a home in the Experience Vineyard Church over three decades ago where he received love, discipleship and training for ministry. He is most passionate about coming along side people from all walks of life in their spiritual journey with God, with emphasis on freedom and renewal.  Sami has been married to his best friend, Amal, since 1991. They have two adult children and enjoy hosting friends, traveling, and walking on the beach.

Please fill out the in-take form to the left and Sami will get in touch with you. Or you can contact him directly: shakers4@gmail.com; 516-574-2374.